is a platform for intergenerational transmission that allows everyone to move forward, innovate by drawing on the infinite reserve of experience and know-how of seniors.   

The mission

Imagine an infinite pool of knowledge, passion and inspiration.  To draw from it is to give oneself the possibility to go forward.  To open up more to the world.  To innovate by reducing the risk of mistakes...

Welcome to Nabaka, the association that brings together seniors with individuals, self-employed people or companies and enables them pass on their wealth of know-how and help them grow.  Seniors thus continue to participate in society drawing on their talents, wishes, availabilities and expectations, stressing the value of their immense experience and transmitting it to the following generations for reciprocal growth and success.  

Our Values

We want a Society where our seniors continue to participate according to their availability, their desires and their expectations. We want to create a third time! The Time of Transmission. By putting their experiences and know-how at the service of the other generations, our seniors remain connected and continue to feed the collective memory. Each life path is a value to convey.

The name

"Na ba ka" means "I give you" in Haoussa, a language spoken in some countries in Africa.  Knowing the relationship that Africans have with their elderly and the importance of transmission of traditions to the younger generations, the name Nabaka appeared to us as obvious.