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I am Senior. How to register

You can register via the registration page.

A whole range of information about your skills, your availability, and a short description of the services you offer will be requested.
With regard to the creation and administration of your user profile, you are at all times responsible for the accuracy of your data.  

 Please read the general conditions in the Legal notices.



I am Senior. How much does it cost ?

Currently the subscrition is free

The annual subscription to our site is 60 euros.

You can pay at the end of your registration, by means of Paypal.
The subscription is tacitly renewable if one month's notice is not sent before the expiry of the subscription in progress.

I am looking for. How to contact a person offering his services?

Access to the platform is free.

The profiles pages in our database allow you to send a direct message to the person you want.
She will answer you directly and you will then be able to choose other means of communication in agreement with her.
If you have a particular search, do not hesitate to send us an email. We will post your search.

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